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Saturday 7th July 9:45am - 4pm @ Resource for London 

EPIC Dissemination Conference

The Caspari Foundation, supported by the Big Lottery, is delighted to announce the dissemination conference for the EPIC (Educational Psychotherapy In the Community) project.

EPIC is a 3 year funded project which aims to improve young people’s well-being, capacity to learn, engagement with school and relationships with others. We deliver therapeutic group work in primary and secondary schools and train school staff to be able to run groups themselves, creating a sustainable model. 

Schools testify to the benefits ‘It’s the link to education that is important to us. The programme is an opener to move a child forward’

Parents see positive changes ‘Her confidence has grown, she is making more eye contact, she is happier with lots of new friends’

CYP find value in what they're doing ‘I enjoy the group as I don’t have to limit myself.  I can be free with my imagination and it makes me feel calm.’  

The dissemination conference will include presentations and discussions on:

  • Case studies 
  • Videos from children and young people
  • Panels involving trained facilitators and senior school leaders
  • Outcomes and evaluation 
  • What next? 

 Cost: £35 for the full day.

Tickets can be bought here or please contact for more information


  • Post Truth - Matthew D'Ancona
  • Circles for Learning - Alison Waterhouse
  • Educational Psychotherapy in the Community: therapeutic group work in schools - Gloria Condon, Luke Palmer, Lynsey Daniels
  • Why Can't These Children Learn?
  • ADHD: Critical perspectives and alternatives to medication
  • Families and Learning
  • A school based multi-family group intervention that helps Children to learn.

 If you are interested in a particular topic being showcased at a Saturday lecture or would like to present your own material please contact us

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