Support for children and young people

Sometimes children and young people can find their emotions get in the way of developing and learning.

Caspari Foundation believes that all children and young people who need help with development and learning should be able to get accessible, affordable and appropriate support for their needs. We are an independent charity with a track record of providing services that make a real difference to the children, young people and families we work with.

Caspari Foundation helps children and young people explore and make sense of events they find difficult to deal with. We do this by providing:

  • educational psychotherapy for children and young people
  • support for families and schools
To find out if educational psychotherapy can help you, your child or someone else you are concerned about please read our FAQs

Reece had a difficult early life characterised by disruption, loss and trauma. These experiences impacted on his later performance in school where he was restless, distrustful of teachers and lacked the confidence to tackle learning and to gain basic skills.

Reece was fortunate in being referred to Caspari by the school educational psychologist who understood that his difficulties required a specialist approach.

At Caspari Reece was offered a regular weekly session with an educational psychotherapist. In the context of a significant relationship with her, he was able to use creative activities and curriculum subjects to express, and explore past experiences and feelings. Based on her understanding of his responses to learning the therapist adapted her teaching methods to suit Reece, who gradually gained the confidence to 'have a go' at learning tasks.

Reece carried this new-found confidence into his school setting where his teachers reported a much improved 'sense of himself' and attitude to learning and relationships.

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