About us

Caspari Foundation is an independent charity that helps children and young people overcome emotional, learning and behavioural difficulties. It has been the leading provider of educational psychotherapy in Hackney, Islington and surrounding boroughs since 2000.

Educational psychotherapy was developed by Irene Caspari, Principal Psychologist at the Tavistock Clinic, London.

We are based in Islington London N4 and provide services to children, families and schools in Hackney, Islington and surrounding boroughs, although we are actively seeking funds to enable us to help more people in areas throughout the UK and beyond.

We provide training for school staff and others who want to become educational psychotherapists or to learn more about therapeutic approaches to teaching in a growing number of areas throughout the UK.

Our staff

Sharon Graffie-Smith (Administrator)


Flora Blackwood (Training Development Manager)


Lynsey Daniels (Programme Leader for the Advanced Diploma in Educational Psychotherapy)


Gloria Condon (Educational Psychotherapist)


Luke Palmer (Educational Psychotherapist)


Elizabeth Cohen (Educational Psychotherapist)


Ashleigh Callow ('EPIC' Project Coordinator)


Our Trustees

  • Heather Geddes
  • Professor Ron Best (Chair)
  • Camille Slow
  • Mia Beaumont
  • Anne Murray
  • Liz Page (Treasurer)
  • Dr. Julia Gibbs
  • Anne Casimir 

Irene Caspari pioneered a technique, combining psychological insight with teaching, which addressed the emotional blocks that impair learning. The principles she developed inform the Foundation's work in promoting awareness of the emotional factors which underlie learning difficulties.

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